Athlete Feedback

Here’s what a few of my athletes had to say about working with me.

“After working with Cheri I developed a more positive outlook on fitness. It became a fun challenge as she guided me through the process. She offers constant positivity and encourages you to settle for nothing less than your very best.”
– Deleah

“Cheri’s ability to motivate me was exceptional. I pushed harder thru workouts that she coached while feeling confident in knowing she preferred to correct my form rather than push me thru poorly executed reps. Quality over quantity. Her focus is such that you feel she truly cares about you achieving your own personal goals.”
– John

“Cheri made me believe that I could be athletic and that size and the number on the scale are not the most important indicators for performance or fitness. Cheri is very relatable. She uses her own experiences and struggles to motivate.”
– Kamie

“Cheri has a genuine sincerity concerning the athletes she trains and strives toward teaching them perfection. Cheri inspired in me a drive to try harder and that consistency and determination would bring results. Her coaching style helped me to set goals, and to try my best to reach those goals.”
– Jana

One Comment to “Athlete Feedback”

  1. I have so say that I’ve never had more fun doing crossfit than when you were my coach. You helped to push me to my limit thought gentle inspiration or playing some pumped up tunes!!!

    When the lift got too heavy or the hands started to tear, I would soon hear the chorus, “I’ve got soul, but I’m but im not soldier”. This simple tune reminded me that I’m strong, yet still a princess! Your attention to detail and form helped form me to be the crossfitter I am today!

    I wish so badly that you could follow me through my life’s adventures to extend the subtle shove that I sometimes need. I miss you!

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