What Really Matters

My good friend, and life coach, Stephanie Vincent issued a challenge today.

She asked her friends to take a picture of themselves holding up what they seek, what matters most to them.

This request was in response to a talk show episode that she participated in, where guests and audience members wore signs on their chests listing their current weight. Check out her blog post here, and please watch her video response, it is awesome stuff.

After quite a few years of chasing a number, I’m now in a place where the number of my current weight no longer matters to me. I haven’t yet let go of chasing a certain appearance, but I’m getting there.

Struggles aside, what matters most to me, what I seek, is FEARLESS CONFIDENCE.

After snapping this picture, my phrase inspired me to do something a little more than Steph asked. Nothing symbolizes my journey into fearlessness more than putting myself upside down, so I filmed my sign and I on the rings. 🙂

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